“As a 20-year collector of art, sculpture, and increasingly, the digital melding of the human body, I find Robert’s work to be refreshingly authentic, even brave.  He is the hero photographer who shares wild recipes with Amazonian Indians and Peruvian Warriors.  He lives their experiences before he humbly requests to document the experiences. And he is usually the first to discover some long lost art form he finds in the wilds of the mountains, or even, in post-conflict war zones. 

His work is mystical and so very real.  It brings you back in time to experience the subject, which is intense.  For my mother’s 70th birthday, I bought a 1990 piece titled ‘Little Buddha.’  It is so magnificent that we hung it on the main floor of our New York City townhouse.  There are many artists, but very few with exceptional gifts like Robert Curran. “

Peter Kellner

Co-Founder of Endeavor.org


“Robert Curran is an incredibly talented photographer with a unique eye. He stunningly captures the essence of a beautiful woman just as he discovers the nature of a wild animal in its habitat. I personally collect his work and own 10 pieces.” 

Laura Nicklas 

Interior Designer


“Robert's photography captures magical moments of humanity and nature.”

Ruggeiro Messina 


“I have collected Robert Curran’ s photographic works for over a decade. I am always amazed at how I derive a new experience every time I view one of his pieces. They are timeless!”

Sam Herzberg

Real Estate Developer 


"Curran is like a religion...You worship his Art"

Abiose Ogan-Cole

Qaisar Group CEO